Social Influencer Campaigns

Your audience doesn’t need more content…
It needs GOOD content.

Rising above the social media “noise” isn’t easy, but it is crucial for the visibility and trust of your brand.
So, how do you create great content, find the right influencers to share it and convert social strangers into brand-loyal customers?

That’s where we come in…

We target our large database of Micro-Influencers (±100,000 followers) with a high following/engagement ratio to yield maximum presence on social platforms.

We work with these influencers in a collaborative, organic way to create authentic, branded content.

We thrive on working with experts who love the product, believe in the brand AND are eager to spread your message.

We bridge your brand and the influencers to spread branded content across multiple platforms, reaching millions and joining a conversation.

content development

From the informative to the humorous, PLUS excels at working with brands to develop the best content and partner with the right talent.

The platforms may be changing but the concept remains. We create great, meaningful content for an audience who needs it.

Twitter Chats

Let us promote and create a Twitter chat with your brand or service for a chance to network, grow your following and turn social strangers into fans.

New to the space? PLUS can help guide you through all your social needs! We can build you a customized social package with expert focus in authenticity, creativity and impressive results.

Let’s Team Up!

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